Pescador 10: What You Need to Know Before You Hit the Water

Pescador 10

Kayaking remains a popular sport in the U.S., with over 16.38 million participants, and the Pescador 10 proves one of the best kayaks for your money. The Perception brand successfully introduced its innovative designs into the market place and opened the door on high quality, affordable kayaks for every enthusiast. If you love kayaking, you will be familiar with the Perception name.

Buying a new kayak may prove a costly experience, and in these times of financial uncertainty, you need to ensure that you spend your hard-earned money wisely. Furthermore, the quality and build of your shiny new kayak remain of paramount importance. So, we present this Pescador 10 review to help you with your purchasing decisions.

The Pescador 10

Perception designed the Pescador 10 as a multifunctional kayak suitable for recreational purposes and fishing. As an entry-level kayak, the vessel proves perfectly suited for beginners wishing to learn the sport due to its excellent build quality and value. And beginners may appreciate the superb performance of the Pescador 10, combined with superior stability, balancing, and maneuverability.

If you are new to kayaking, the Pescador 10 provides the perfect learning opportunity to build your confidence and skills on the water. So, if you love fishing, the craft offers ample space for storage together with some outstanding safety features.

The Perception of Perception

The company was started in the early 1970s in South Carolina by Bill Masters. He initially invested only $50 in his fledgling company, which quickly moved on to revolutionize the building of kayaks.

In 1977, Perception started to manufacture their kayaks from molded plastic and quickly established themselves as the premier company for high-quality, affordable vessels. Historically, kayaks stemmed from composite materials in manufacture. Consequently, the development of the plastic molded kayak revolutionized the paddling world.

The Advantages of Plastic Kayaks

Plastic remains cheap to produce, allowing for mass production and distribution. And plastic is durable, which makes shipping and storage considerably easier. Additionally, the plastic hull withstands a tremendous amount of bumping and scraping as you paddle down the river.

The consequence of the innovative manufacturing process meant that owning a kayak became a reality and made the sport accessible and affordable to the masses.

Our Perception Pescador 10 Review

The Pescador 10 is a 10-foot 6-inch-long vessel with a 32-inch beam and a 14-inch deck height. The molded plastic kayak comes in at a lightweight 57 pounds, making it easy to move and handle.

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Consequently, an average adult may quickly load the kayak onto a roof rack or truck bed. Furthermore, the lightweight and compact nature of the Pescador 10 makes it easy to store.

Robust construction

Perception employs rotational molding technology to manufacture their craft using a high-density polyethylene material. The method involves pouring beads of polyethylene into a mold and heating it. The mold rotates to allow the molten plastic to seep into every crevice and produces a one-piece product. So, the one-piece construction results in a kayak that proves extremely rugged and durable.

The slightly wet downside

While Perception Kayaks make their craft from the highest quality materials, the downside of polyethylene is that it proves a very non-stick material. As a result, gluing a repair patch onto the hull may be difficult because of the non-grip surface nature.

When repairing a Pescador 10, use the same plastic material to repair the hole with a blowtorch to melt the patch into position.

Surprisingly spacious

You may feel surprised by the spacious nature of the Pescador 10. The kayak has a maximum capacity of 325 pounds, which seems relatively good for a kayak of its size. However, as the kayak is a 10-foot vessel, you may find it better suited to average or smaller stature users.

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Weight restrictions

Perception Kayaks recommend that you don’t exceed 80 percent of the vessel’s weight capacity when fully loaded with gear. This may help you to achieve a drier ride and better performance out on the water.

Good design

Perception Kayaks built a name for itself based on excellent design, and the Pescador 10 remains a perfect example of their ethos.

It’s all about the hull

The manufacturer designed the hull for stability and straight tracking. Consequently, the Pescador 10 features a pronounced keel on the bow and stern and a flat bottom with soft chines in the middle. A total of eight scupper holes drain the water, and the kayak may keep you dry and stable while you maintain a low center of gravity.

In addition, the keel is conveniently protected by a replaceable skid plate at the stern. The feature provides peace of mind when you consider the longevity of the vessel.

We all need stability

The innovative design of the hull promotes superb primary stability. However, the downside comes when you consider secondary stability, which remains limited. That means you may find standing up and sitting down a little challenging when compared to other kayaks.

What about the cockpit?

With a spacious cockpit measuring 21 inches by 21 inches, the Pescador 10 offers a clean, flat, and uncluttered deck. The design remains streamlined with molded side grip handles and bungee hooks in the rear, making line entanglement and hook snagging less of a problem.

Fishing for features

If you love fishing, the Pescador 10 features a molded central console with two mount recesses for fitting a GoPro action camera or rod holder. Furthermore, a convenient cup holder means you may never go thirsty!

Extra touches

Another neat touch comes in the form of a molded recess in front of the seat. The recess allows you to install a 6-inch day hatch, which gives the Pescador 10 the edge over many models.

Seating comfort

When paddling down a river or casting for fish, you need to feel comfortable and safe. While the Pescador 10 is intended as a budget entry point kayak, Perception Kayaks goes the extra mile to make your experience a comfortable one.

Comfort seating system

The kayak features a Comfort Seating System or CSS, which uses a lightweight EVA foam for the seat base and backrest. The technology results in ergonomic back support that provides superior comfort and better ventilation.

Adjusting your comfort

You may tilt-adjust the backrest by tying down the seat’s two rear bungee cords. Consequently, the feature allows for further seating adjustments by loosening or tightening the side straps to your preferred configuration.

However, you may feel the need to use an extra cushion for the base while some users find it necessary to employ an additional lumbar support pad.

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Excellent storage capacity

In-hull storage derives from the bow hatch. The ample opening allows for easy access to your equipment, and you may store your fishing rods inside the kayak.

The hinged lid uses two quick-lock handles and a bungee threaded through an eyelet to secure your gear. While the cover doesn’t prove waterproof, it does provide adequate splash-proof storage for your regular gear. However, you should store water sensitive items inside sealed plastic bags to prevent damage.

Rear storage

You may find yourself wondering what size cooler fits in the back of a Pescador 10? The intelligent design means the rear tank proves large enough to secure your crate or a small cooler. Multiple eyelets and inserts along the flat deck allow the easy attachment of accessories or tackle. Furthermore, you may mount 6-inch day hatches in the area between the molded rod holders and the recess in front of the seat to provide additional storage.

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Moving up a gear

While the Pescador 10 lacks much of the familiar mounting gear found on more advanced models, it features two standard gear tracks on each gunnel. So, you can mount a fish finder, a GoPro camera, or any other accessory you may find necessary.

Out of the box

The central console arrives with a molded-in solo mount base recess to install gear and accessories using a 1.5-inch RAM ball. However, the versatility of the Pescador 10 means that it offers endless possibilities to add custom gear.

A fisherman’s dream

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The kayak comes with two molded rod holders behind the seat. However, you may find them challenging to hold your rods securely due to their size, which is only 5.4 inches deep. However, you may purchase a rod holder extension mount to solve any issues.

Footrests, paddle holders, and handles

The Pescador 10 arrives with standard adjustable footrests. However, anyone over six feet tall may find themselves pushing the pegs to their limits to achieve a comfortable position.

The kayak features a paddle tie-down on the left side that is simple and efficient in design. The kayak has four molded handles, making the vessel easy and convenient to strap down and secure during transportation.

Almost stable

The flat bottom hull design allows for excellent stability when seated. Consequently, you may find the boat wobbles less when getting in and out. You mustn’t exceed the weight capacity, or you may compromise the stability of the vessel.

However, the Pescador 10 remains unsuitable if you like to stand up while fishing.


The kayak offers superb maneuverability and excellent tracking. With a pronounced keep at the bow and stern, the design allows the kayak to stay on course while its overall length makes it responsive and agile. A lightweight paddle may improve your agility and maneuverability.


While the Pescador 10 may not win any races, it can maintain a decent speed. The boat is 10 feet long with a 32-inch beam, so it will never break any records. However, the stability of the vessel allows for a reasonable pace while paddling along a river.

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Storing Your Pescador 10

The four molded handles allow for easy storage, and you may easily tie your kayak into position when not in use. However, as with all boats, some essential maintenance may keep your vessel in tip-top condition.

Basic maintenance

Always spray your kayak down before placing it in storage, especially if paddling in saltwater. Store the boat out of direct sunlight to protect the hull and avoid dragging it along the ground.

Check for any damage and repair where necessary. Turn the vessel upside down and use mild soapy water to wash it down. Use anti-corrosion protection on any metal fixtures such as joints, screws, and bolts.

Putting it to bed

Store your kayak standing on its end and secured with straps. Alternatively, store the vessel on flat boards and protect it using a cockpit cover.

Wet and Dry

While the Pescador 10 remains a budget, entry-level kayak, the high-quality build and price results in an excellent vessel. However, it does come with a downside.

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The dry points

  • The Pescador 10 offers excellent value
  • The Comfort Seating System allows for good back support
  • Four molded handles mean it proves easy to carry and secure
  • Innovative design and careful use of space provides ample storage capacity for a vessel of this size
  • A flat hull provides superb stability when in the seated position
  • The Pescador 10 kayak proves tough and durable

Wet effect

  • The kayak proves unstable when standing
  • The vessel comes fitted with only one paddle tie-down
  • Some users found the rod holders unsuitable for the purpose
  • A few customers found they needed to use additional padding on the seat
  • The vessel becomes unstable if you stand up

The Pescador 10 Explored

If you find yourself looking for a budget kayak or wish to experience and learn a new hobby, the Perception Pescador 10 is a superb investment. The molded plastic design provides longevity combined with outstanding craftsmanship.

While the kayak lacks the features of advanced models, it is an excellent choice for beginners. Its compact size and lightweight construction mean you may easily transport and store the vessel.

With a variety of storage solutions, the Pescador 10 is an excellent choice for fishing. However, the kayak stability may decrease if you stand up, and the boat is not particularly fast.

All in all, the Pescador 10 is a strong choice for a kayak.

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