Perception Striker 11.5 Angler Kayak Review

perception sport striker
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The Perception Striker 11.5 angler kayak isn’t like other kayaks with all the bells and whistles included.  This fishing kayak is perfect for beginners who do not have much idea about what it’s like being out on the water. Now, that is not to say this kayak isn’t top-notch, it is, there are a lot of redeeming qualities about the Perception Striker 11.5 that make it a top choice for kayak anglers.

Our Review of the Perception Striker 11.5 kayak


Stand-up straps, stable.


Molded-in foot for easy paddling.


High quality polyethylene.


  • The Sport Striker comes with a stand-up strap for assisting when a paddler wants to cast out. But the strap isn’t the feature, the fact that this kayak is stable enough for a paddler to stand up is what makes this one so unique.
  • There aren’t a lot of kayaks that allow standing due to hull design or space restraints, but this one doesn’t have any of those issues.
  • The molded-in foot wells make it easy to adjust while paddling instead of fumbling with foot pegs that can get lost or damaged due to corrosion.
  • The Sport Striker comes with four molded-in rod holders which are perfect for trolling the lake while taking in the view.


  • While this kayak may be bare bones compared to other fishing kayaks on the market, it is easy to customize and get this kayak up to par with whatever set-up is desired. That is the beauty of the Striker.
  • How the kayak performs as far as fishing is entirely up to the angler and how they want to deck out the kayak to their specifications.

Features of Perception Striker 11.5 kayak

While it may not seem like much, the Perception Striker 11.5 offers multiple molded-in paddle holders. So, when the fish begin to bite and strike the lines, the paddler will always have a place to put the paddle and not waste precious time looking for the notch where the paddle goes.

Another great feature about the Striker is the amount of storage space. There is a large tank well to store live bait and a day hatch for smaller items. There is also a molded-in ruler to track the catches of the day instead of estimating. Let’s discuss the features in details.

Construction of the Perception Striker 11.5

Nearly indestructible the Perception Striker 11.5 is constructed from the polyethylene material. This kayak can take a licking and a few bangs and bumps yet still show no signs of damages that would cause the vessel to be less seaworthy.

The Sport Striker comes with a tri- hull design that provides stability and control unlike any other kayak on the market. This design makes controlling the Sport Striker a breeze on lakes and other calm waters.

Tracking and Stability​

The tracking is well and due to the hull design, the kayak doesn’t drift. The Sport Striker is easy to control or to relax in while waiting for the fish.

The Sport Striker is super stable as it allows the angler to stand and cast out further than sitting down.​


The Sport Striker is designed to hold up to 500 pounds which is more than enough to accommodate the paddler, tools, lunch, gear and whatever else needed for a perfect day out on the water.

Yet due to the fact that the Sport Striker only weighs 65 pounds, it can be transported to and from the water with a little help.


When it comes to comfort the Striker may not come with the best seat available, however, when the legs get cramped, or the rear-end goes a bit numb there is always the option of standing up and stretching out.

Perception Striker 11.5: Final Review

While some may find this kayak a little less spectacular, the Sports Striker is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted by the right painter, or in this case the right angler to outfit her and make her fabulous.That is the charm of the Perception Striker 11.5 kayak, though, it has just enough for a beginner to jump in and get going, but is highly customizable for an experienced angler to make it their dream fishing kayak a reality.

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  1. I have a Perception Striker 11.5 and I fish the Ocean around Crescent City CA. I catch Rockfish and Lingcod mostly and a few other species. My best was a 43 inch California Halibut. I am retired and this is my 1st Kayak. Am on my 4th year with it and is customized to my liking. I monitor NOAA Marine Eureka to check ocean conditions and only go out when conditions are right. It is a great Kayak. Very stable and I have covered quite a distance with it despite it having a reputation of being slow. Watch and face into the big swells and wake from big boats and it will do the job .

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