Ocean Kayak Frenzy Review: Handling, Set Up and Lifespan

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Review

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy is a nine-foot craft suitable for moderate surf, lake or flat river fishing. This compact and lightweight recreational kayak features a tri-hull design with a deep center keel that helps to improve tracking while the broader shoulder sections provide plenty of stability. The Frenzy is a sit-on-top kayak that keeps anglers and paddlers close to the water line to promote glide.

The Frenzy is not designed specifically for fishing like the more expensive solo-seater Ocean Kayak Caper 11-foot Angler Kayak or 13-foot Prowler. The amount of customizable space available for fishing gear and accessories is somewhat limited on this nine-foot model. There’s still no beating the price on this kayak, particularly for anglers who are just getting into kayak fishing.

The Frenzy is affordable, durable and stable, making it a suitable entry-level fishing kayak. This review focuses primarily on the specifications and handling of this Ocean Kayak model. We also mention a few possibilities for modification that may make this small, lightweight craft better suited for fishing.

What is the Ocean Kayak Frenzy?

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The Frenzy is a lightweight single-layer polyethylene kayak designed by Ocean Kayak. The major draws of the Frenzy include its durability, handling, stability, and ease of set up. The design, features and price of this model make it perfect for new paddlers or kayak fishermen, and versatile enough to be customized by more experienced anglers.

The lightweight of the Frenzy is a major draw, as it makes this kayak easier to manage on the shore or a dock and to transport to and from a vehicle. Many Frenzy owners choose to transport this kayak in the bed of their trucks, eliminating the need to purchase and install a kayak rack or attempt to tie this craft down.


The Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus seating that comes with all Frenzy models is simple and durable. This kayak seat features four adjustable straps secured by heavy-duty brass clasps. The Comfort Plus seat is made out of tear-resistant and UV-proof nylon pack cloth that will not stretch or fade over time, even with prolonged sun exposure. This seating provides basic cushioning for the tailbone and hips with some extra reinforcement in the back. Reflective logos offer some visibility when paddling in low-light conditions.

This seating does not benefit from the strength of a reinforced aluminum frame and some users find the width of the stock seating to be too narrow for comfort during long fishing excursions. The Comfort Plus seating may be better suited for brief recreational paddling sessions than prolonged fishing trips involving casting, fighting fish and reeling. Anglers may want to consider purchasing and installing additional support components from Ocean Kayak or aftermarket third-party kayak seating alternatives with more lower-back and lumbar support.

The Frenzy is compatible with upgraded seating options that may help you prolong the length and increase the comfort of your fishing sessions. A number of companies make enhanced support kayak seats and backrests, some of which also feature detachable bags or storage compartments.


The 9-foot length, 31-inch width and 300-pound weight capacity of the Ocean Kayak Frenzy restrict the storage options on this basic craft. Some retailers sell this kayak with the option to add a six-inch hatch. The cup holders may also allow anglers to carry some additional gear. A dry bag can be stowed under the bungee cords, which also come in handy for freeing up your hands when you’re out on the water or storing paddles when the kayak is not in use. Most customers who intend to use this model for fishing end up making substantial modifications to add storage compartments as well as accessories such as an anchor trolley, bowline, rod holders and waterproof battery box.


The tri-form hull of this sit-on-top kayak provides primary and secondary stability. The long, deep center keel helps with tracking and enables a paddler to travel straight even when making heavy or long strokes. This design also features two shoulders to enhance stability. The Frenzy design sacrifices some speed and tracking to provide ample stability for anglers. The hull may slap and be noisy on rougher water. The tracking on this model is not on par with specialized angler kayaks by Ocean Kayak and other brands.

Set Up and Lifespan

The Frenzy kayak is easy to set up and get in the water. If you are just getting started with kayak fishing, you may find that this model is a good introduction. We recommend taking this craft out for a paddle or with a single rod and pay attention to the motions you make while fishing. This can help you determine where to install additional storage or accessories to allow freedom of motion and help you determine your reach. This model may require significant modification to provide the features and storage more experienced anglers expect from a fishing kayak.

With proper care and storage you can expect to get years of use out of the Frenzy kayak. Ocean Kayak’s parent company Johnson Outdoors Paddle sports provides a lifetime warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship on all Frenzy models purchased new from authorized retailers. Even blemished boats have five years of hull and deck coverage from the original purchase date. Be sure to register your craft and submit a completed warranty.

File any warranty claims with the manufacturer’s customer service department. You should be ready to provide proof of purchase including the date and place of purchase and the purchase price. You will also need the serial number of the kayak, which is engraved on the bow and stern of the Frenzy, as well as the model, color and hatch configuration of the craft. You should also provide a detailed description of the issue along with your name, address and phone number so that the company can contact you about your claim.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Specifications

The Frenzy is a solo kayak with a tri-form hull designed to provide maneuverability, stability, and tracking. This kayak measures 9 feet long by 31 inches wide by 18 inches high (2.7 m x 78.7 cm x 45.72 cm) with the seat down. The polyethylene craft weighs in at just 44 pounds (20 kg) for superior portability. The Comfort Plus seating in this model is 18 inches (45.7 cm) wide and the leg length is 50 inches (127 cm). The Frenzy has a total weight capacity of 300 pounds (136.08 kg), making this kayak a versatile and compact recreational craft.

Choose from three distinctive color schemes including solid bright yellow with a black adjustable seat, black bungee cords, black side carrying handles and black toggle handles on the bow and stern. The Envy color scheme features a green, yellow and white gradient pattern with a black seat, bungees and handles. The Sunrise color scheme is an eye-catching gradient that progresses from red on the stern to orange in the seating well and bow. This model also features a black seat, bungees and handles.

The seating area on the Frenzy features a molded-in cup holder, seat well, foot wells and adjustable foot braces for comfort. Whether you choose to use the included Comfort Plus seat or upgrade the seating in this kayak, the craft is designed to promote a paddler’s comfort and control. This model is light enough for one person to maneuver. The side carrying handles and toggle handles on the bow and stern make it easier to get a grip.

A screw-in drain plug allows you to keep water out and dump any water that collects during a fishing session. Limit the amount of water that floods through holes with Scupper Stoppers. These accessories are sold separately, and the plug size for the Frenzy is 4 small. Restrict flooding in this craft by using four medium stoppers. Replaceable rear skid plates provide protection from docks and obstacles in the water.

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy also comes with accessory eyelets and removable bungees as a way to store gear or stow a paddle to free up your hands. Many anglers find that the limited amount of space available on this kayak poses a significant challenge when it comes to packing all the gear they need. An optional six-inch hatch and cup holder may provide some gear storage options, but this space is not likely to be sufficient for serious fishing. Some anglers modify the cockpit of this kayak to add storage space, such as a small center hatch, or rig up crates or baskets.

The Frenzy model is not one of Ocean Kayak’s angling crafts and is not designed especially for fishing. Customers who are interested in using this affordable kayak for this purpose will need to customize the Frenzy with accessories such as an anchor trolley, fish finder or waterproof box that can contain a battery to power devices during a fishing trip. Some Frenzy owners choose a three-pound anchor with a buoy and 25 feet of rope or construct basic contour matchers to add non-waterproof storage to this kayak model.

Other common modifications to the Frenzy made by anglers include installing flush mount rod holders, a bowline and pad eyes or racks behind the seat for mounting gear. The limited amount of space on the Frenzy can limit the number of accessories and upgrade options that are available, but this affordable and lightweight kayak can still be made more functional for fishing.

If you choose to upgrade the Frenzy rather than purchasing a more expensive angling kayak, you will need to purchase all of the accessories and components for these customizations separately and come up with the best arrangement to suit your own needs. It can be difficult to plan how to arrange these adaptations until you have the kayak. You can sit in the craft on dry land and mimic your usual motions when fishing to decide on the best placement for accessories. You may also want to take a preliminary trip with a single rod.

How the Ocean Kayak Frenzy Compares

Emotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top Kayak

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Build Quality

Ease of Use

Assembly Time


Pros and Cons


  • Compact and portable kayak design
  • Versatile for flat water or the surf


  • Lack of deck space restricts room for supplies


The nine-foot Frenzy is an affordable and functional kayak. Advanced anglers may not appreciate the lack of space for accessories and storage. This model is very stable and has decent tracking, but it is designed primarily for recreational use on relatively calm water surfaces. Many pro anglers find that the Frenzy is simply too small for their purposes, but it can be a decent entry-level craft.

If you choose to modify the Frenzy for fishing, most anglers recommend taking the kayak out with one rod to get a sense of your paddling stroke and casting motions. Avoid installing accessories or components in any place that will restrict your natural movement. You should also factor in your ability to reach into additional storage.

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